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Domains are an essential part of your online presence. A good domain helps ensure that a brand stays in the minds of customers and offers legal protection itself.

There are no specific legal regulations for domains. Instead, domain law includes various areas of law that contain regulations in connection with domains. These include the right to a name, trademark rights and the right against unfair competition. When it comes to content on domains, other laws are relevant, e.g. data protection law, copyright law, general terms and conditions law (GTBC), consumer protection.

Domains are an essential part of your company’s public image. Your customers expect that they can find your company or your products under a domain of the same name and be able to obtain information. They are therefore inextricably linked to your brands.

The registration of domains supplements the protection of your company identifier or your trademarks. A well thought-out domain portfolio protects you from attempts by third parties and saves you time and money.

We take domains into account in our advice and support you in setting up a sensible domain portfolio so that you can defend yourself as well as possible against abusive domain registrations. Before registering and using domains, we research for you, in particular for conflicting older rights, in order to minimize the risk of collision.

If your property rights are violated by a domain registration, we will take care of enforcing your rights in negotiations or dispute settlement procedures.

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