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Through your own intellectual creation, you have created a work that is eligible for copyright protection, i.e. your work stands out from the crowd due to its uniqueness and individuality. We protect these properties from unauthorised copying and unlawful exploitation. Copyright is not transferable, but the author may grant third parties rights of use and exploitation, as well as determine whether these rights may also be further transferred.

Works eligible for copyright include photographic works, literary works, cinematographic works, software, musical works, artictic works andapplied art. The protection and exploitation of these works is regulated by the Copyright Act (UrhG).

Here, the complex regulations and the ever-changing case law must be observed so that you can adequately preserve your work and leverage it in your benefit. Even though copyright law is not part of industrial property rights, it is closely related to them.

For up to 70 years after his/her death, copyright law grants the author an exclusive right to publish, reproduce and adapt the work. 

Unlike a trademark, a design or a patent/utility model, copyrights already arise upon creation or publication work. Unregistered designs also come into existence upon its creation, correct? While no official examination procedure, registration or deposit with an office or authority exists in this respect, we do recommend publishing your work (e.g. in trade journals, author’s role at the German Patent and Trademark Office, in front of witnesses or, if applicable, deposited with a notary) in order to be able to prove at what time the copyright arose in the event of a case.

The fast pace of our digital age makes it all the more necessary to protect one’s work from unauthorised use. We will support you in this with our full commitment!

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